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Where to buy: Affordable Designer Items

13. September 2018J'adore... Standard

As you may or may not know: I am totally into online shopping A N D also into cute (vintage) designer items.

If you are not blesses with a shitload of money to spend on the latest designer trends, then I might have some affordable alternatives for you!

So here are my top five online stores for affordable high fashion items…

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Girl with glasses. 

12. September 2018Allgemein Gallery


No Contact Lenses today.

Mir war heute nicht so nach Kontaktlinsen, darum gibt’s heute einen Post mit Brille. Read more

how to style: cape blazer

11. September 2018Allgemein Standard

Hello Fashionfreaks,

ich hoffe, ihr hattet ein schönes Wochenende! Meins war super, denn ich war in meiner absoluten Lieblingsstadt: Köln! Read more